Compliance Management has become one of the top concerns for businesses today. Whether it is HR, Franchise, Corporate or Governmental regulatory needs, at South Florida Business Consulting we are able to help by providing the expertise and support necessary to meet your needs. Our personnel are experienced at how to bridge those classic divides between the guidance your legal counsel provides, training programs or management your team members need and documentation materials you give to the public or regulatory agencies involved. We develop programs to manage and convey things in a way that meets the requirements involved, yet maintains the business culture and marketing image you've worked so hard to develop. We can help you to achieve compliance, then train your entire staff or just your leadership team how to maintain it as well as provide ongoing support in the form of audits or reviews to ensure that your business practices are in keeping with your compliance goals.
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Compliance Documentation

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If you are a business owner that feels your business practices are in good order and meets whatever franchise, HR, or regulatory requirements you have, we offer Technical Writing services alone.  We will work with your team to understand the business practices in place and convey them in your prepared materials in a manner that aligns with your company culture and brand management goals. This includes all standard business materials such as Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, Employee Procedural Guides and Customer User Guides and any specialty materials you may need for your industry.

Compliance Auditing and Support

If you feel your business practices and documentation are in good order, we can provide auditing and review services to help ensure you are meeting your compliance goals. In the event there are any areas of concern, we can work with your legal and management teams to develop and implement appropriate programs. Then return and ensure those new practices and documentation procedures are being followed. In the event there is an ongoing concern, we can provide training for your personnel, or regular management support to help ensure your organization is meeting your compliance goals.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management and Support

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