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The Engaged Leadership Approach

The Engaged Leadership Approach is a method of management we have developed over the years that brings the most important elements of structure and review more complex systems like Six Sigma, Lean, ITIL and other methodologies bring, but without forcing organizations to learn a whole new way of working because it blends well with most management methodologies already in place. We developed this approach because we understand companies going through difficulties or a lot of growth just don't have time to deal with changing everything, they just want to adjust operations enough to get things back on track or keep things going smoothly as business increases. At South Florida Business Consulting we have used The Engaged Leadership Approach across many different areas of business with notable success, including the following:

Project Management
- All changes within a company begin as a project or series of projects. We regularly achieve 20% savings on projects through proper analysis, preparation and overall monitoring of the project as it progresses. Our personnel have been successful with multiple types of enterprise software and construction projects; from 2000 sq ft retail stores to 200,000 sq ft hotels and 25 seat departments to 25,000 endpoint organizations. We also have experience with custom projects associated with new or small businesses and franchises or specialty industries like healthcare and finance.

Transition Management - Our more engaged approach is ideal for organizations going through transition by virtue of expansion, realignments or just getting started altogether. With it we regularly achieve up to a 25% reduction in employee loss or cooperation difficulties throughout such changes. These difficulties are often the result of leadershp teams trying to manage a startup or change the same way they handle day-to-day business, often as they are trying to manage the very business that's changing.

Operations Management
- Average performance improvements of 25% have been gained with our approach through the efficient management of client vendors, staff and resources by continuously assessing organizational needs, business processes and employee performance, then making adjustments as necessary to reach strategic goals.

Technology Management
- We regularly attain 10%-20% top and bottom line gains for our IT management clients. This is achieved through proper team building, training and development, and resource management, within the context of the corporate culture you want for your company.

Personnel Management - With experience in Operations and Human Resources, we are able to be a Strategic Partner with your HR Team, usually achieving an average 20% performance improvement across various business types by aligning selection and training processes with corporate culture and goals.

Multi-Site Management
- With our experience in operations, technology and personnel management we develop solutions that are better integrated and more easily transferred between locations. We regularly attain improvements of up to 25% across various business types, and offer training and development of your leadership staff to help them learn how to do the same. We can also arrange for regular oversight or reviews of your organization to help you maintain smoother operations or confirm you are achieving your goals.

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