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We specialize in the development of clean, professional looking websites that provide an opportunity for you to introduce your business to the world, without the "gamer" special effects and other expensive, unnecessary clutter that do more to show off the website designer's skills than showcase your business. Visit our Website Selection Center to see the types of websites we can help provide to meet your business needs.
If you feel you have a solid marketing plan, but just want to add a website component, we can coordinate professional web development services for your organization.  We apply our same client centered approach we use in our management and marketing programs to help you develop a website that you feel sends the message you want your customers to receive.

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At South Florida Business Consulting we work with you to develop a website that compliments whatever overall marketing plan you want for your business.  Just look at the variety of approaches on our website store and you'll see that whatever your message is, we can help you send it to the world!

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